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Tommy Bartlett's Deer Ranch entrance Broadcaster turned tourist attraction entrepeneur Tommy Bartlett (of Wisconsin Dells Thrill Show and Robot World fame) ran this petting zoo at Silver Springs in the early 1960's. The land was only rented from the Springs, and there was at least one lawsuit between Bartlett and Silver Springs over the terms of his lease. Eventually the land was reabsorbed into the Silver Springs attraction and Bartlett left to concentrate on his Wisconsin busineses. He died in September, 1998.
Jeep drawn sleigh The Deer Ranch shared a parking lot with Silver Springs. Guests could "ride the sleigh" (actually a jeep-pulled trailer with reindeer cut-outs on the side) from one entrance to the other. Today all that remains is the entrance building, which is now the gift shop and entrance to Silver Spring's World of Bears and Jeep Safari.

Santa's South Pole The Christmas theme was continued inside the park with "Santa's South Pole" and some Christmas themed buildings even though reindeer were not the primary residents of the ranch. There were many more of their more common white tailed cousins.

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