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Western Town Floridaland, which opened in December, 1964 in Osprey (near Venice), seemed to be a theme park searching for a theme. Colorful tropical birds decorated the entrance, suggesting possibly a Florida theme, yet the main attraction inside was a western town. The various attractions offered suggest a scattergun approach, as if they tried to capture the main part of other successful Florida Attractions along with some of their business.
Can-can saloon show Shoot outs in the street entertained the kids, while the requisite saloon show, complete with can-can dancers, held Dad's interest. But note the somewhat makeshift appearance of the small stage -- Floridaland's budget is beginning to show.
Train/tram And every park has got to have a train -- even if it's really just a trackless tram dressed up to look like one. Here the theming is literally only skin deep. (Apparently there was also a real, tracked, live steam train there, but it was owned by a contractor, not the park.)
Jumping Dolphin And what western town is complete without its... porpoise show? Here Floridaland jumped back to the Florida theme. Note the small, ground level lagoon and platform. Compaired to the Miami Seaquarium or Saint Petersburg Aquatarium's large porpoise show stadiums, their budget is once again showing.
Petting zoo at Floridaland Animal attractions and petting zoos are also always popular, so, naturally, Floridaland had its petting zoo and "Goat Island".

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